The company has recently decided to undertake a specific Marketing project that has resulted in the renewal and unification of the brand, reinforcing the brand itself and the company image.   The labels and packaging of the products underwent restyling in order to identify and distinguish our product from our competitors.  An important objective achieved is our new company website totally in line with times and without losing competitiveness; the website is multilingual so as to increase exports. In order to face the new predefined objectives, a corporate reorganisation plan has been implemented through a management control plan of the various company departments.



COMMUNICATION 3/2017 P.O. FESR 2014-2020

A Project/Initiative carried out in the field of the operative Programme FESR 2014 – 2020 of the autonomous Province of Trento, co-funded by the European Union, the European Fund of Regional Development, the Italian Government and the autonomous Province of Trento.



The value of the territory and the choices

Around 1600 the patriarch Hieronimus Melchiori arrived in Trentino with the objective of dedicating himself entirely to the territory and to the care of agricultural products.

This was the start of the Melchiori Dynasty.

In 1760 Maria Lucia Melchiori was born, the first member of the family to be baptised with this name, subsequently passed down from one generation to another and always connected with the production of the beautiful apples of Trentino.

It is in the care used in the transformation of the raw material that the Melchiori family has always shown its strong attachment and love for its territory.  A land for which it has always shown gratitude and attention by offering its products to customers with extreme pride for high quality.

The company Melchiori is located in the heart of Val di Non, the largest valley in Trentino, at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites, with spectacular peaks and gentle slopes filled with apple orchards, deep canyons traced by the Noce river, dense forests, ancient castles and small villages.  Places always loyal to cultural traditions and respecting nature.

In the ‘90’s the current Melchiori company started to come to life. Expansion of the markets and an increase in the range of products as well as the positive reaction of Mass Distribution, allowed for rapid growth of production volumes.  This development has not, however, betrayed the values and care for artisan production.

In observance of the territory of belonging, the company layout and structure have been created according to principles of environmental sustainability: harmony with the geographical context, a reduction in consumption, reuse of some production materials and careful recycling of waste.  The use of water, air and energy are always kept under control, fully observant of current laws, at a level lower than that of other fields of  food transformation.

According to tradition, we only choose raw materials and typical resources of the area of Trentino for our production. We want to continue characterising our products through the use of ingredients that we are familiar with and with the desired quality: natural, genuine and obviously tasty.  For this reason our interest in biological products, and therefore food products that respect the environment and the health of people has grown constantly, accompanying our cultural growth.

Sustainability also means providing support and strength to the local community from a cultural and economic point of view to serve the environment and contribute towards the development and prosperity of our social context.

The future of new generations is also in our hands.  This is why we want to leave an environment that is as clean as possible thanks to constant innovation, healthy principles and, most importantly, giving a good example.


To become a sure reference of natural drinks for consumers in Italy and abroad.


The Melchiori company wants to represent a family that produces for families in observance of the health of the environment and the territory.


  • Territory
  • A family for families
  • Trasparency
  • Respect of the Origins of materials (by Lucia Maria)).

The company Melchiori has always expressed its belonging to its origins and to its food traditions through the naturalness of craftsmanship and research into raw materials.