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Work with Lucia Maria

Every day, with Lucia Maria, brilliant and capable individuals contribute passionately to the creation of some of the healthiest and most genuine products, typical of Trento.  Flavour and wellness for those who want quality products, in observance of the environment and the territory of Trento, with attention to interpersonal relations.  We are looking for personnel ready to undertake this concept of balance between personal and working life with extreme passion.  We would like to have people in our team who want to provide their contribution to the production of quality of the environment and the product, working for a company that is proud of its sustainability.  Curious people working in the Melchiori team with a desire to introduce new ideas and enthusiasm.  We are looking for candidates with an objective and, most of all searching for a deep meaning in their work.

Melchiori is a local company that wants to create value for the territory.  It is an objective that is reached thanks to well integrated people working in a functional manner, ready to learn and without the fear of facing huge challenges day after day.

Check the jobs available in Melchior and send us your application.  We will be delighted to assess your request.

Positions currently open: send your Curriculum to the email address:


• interpersonal skills
• good team work
• ability to organize one’s work independently
• flexibility of hours


• full-time permanent contract
• period of training
• salary related to candidate skills