Trentino Cuisine by Lucia Maria

Sidreria Melchiori is an experience from Trento to be enjoyed completely.  Our restaurant and pizzeria are a culinary expression of our company and represent an obligatory stopping point for those visiting Val di Non, the Trentino valley famous for its fragrant and tasty apples used for many cakes and recipes of various kinds, but also for its exquisite honey, cured pork meats and cheeses.

Sidreria Melchiori is a place in which we bring together the quality of life and respect for the environment, an area in which you can find the unique flavours of home-made dishes, typical of the culinary territory and traditions of a generous and genuine land in every possible way. Rich and pleasant dishes made using simple and high quality products.  A wide range of typical dishes and flavours, from barley soup dumplings, apple based dishes and many cakes.

The ingredients have all been chosen with care directly by Lucia Maria Melchiori, who has always used local naturally grown products. The result of this careful selection includes authentic and creative menus, local and sustainable dishes in which flavour is combined with the passion of Trento, the environment and people.

The cider bar is an area of conviviality and comparison, a place in which to organise dinners with friends and family or work meetings.

Our guests truly appreciate the large barrel in the middle of the room from which they can freely tap Apple Cider made in house.

For the joy of children, however, apple juice, an elder flower drink and natural drinks without added sugar, preservatives and additives.

Guided visits and tastings

In order to discover the world of the Melchiori production, in the greenery of the mountains of Trento, we allow groups, primary and secondary schools or tourist buses, to enjoy the experience of a guided visit through our laboratories and apple transformation lines.

Why go on a guided visit? To learn about what we really drink every day.  A moment of discovery and learning, useful for youngsters and for adults.

One of our collaborators will accompany you and show you how the various apple processes are carried out, from squeezing through to bottling of the juice, cider and vinegar.  We will answer all of your questions and curiosities regarding the culinary benefits and characteristic of apples, methods of preservation and transformation.  Guests will be offered a tasty and fresh drink in our cellar.

The experience ends with a visit to the Micro Artisan Brewery of the company in which six different types of non-filtered and non-pasteurised beer are produced: THE MELCHIORI BEER, the tasty high quality beer.

Book your guided visit by calling (+39) 0463 468125
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If requested, you can combine a snack, lunch or dinner with the visit at the Sidreria Melchiori, the Restaurant/Pizzeria owned by the Melchiori company.  Apart from being one of the rarest cider bars in Italy, it really is a culinary showcase, always ready to welcome groups.

We serve Melchiori products combined with tasty dishes from Trento and delicious pizzas.  A special way of creating moments together and unforgettable flavours.

The thing that makes this place unique and special is the barrel in the middle of the room, from which you can tap as much Apple Cider as you want, two products that tell you all about our method of interpreting the pleasure of being in company.  You will also have the chance to buy Melchiori products.


We look forward to seeing you!