Apples are consumed on a daily basis by many people in Italy and throughout the world (our country produces 1.9 million tons of apples every year).  They provide important substances such as phenolic ingredients, soluble fibres, antioxidants and flavonoids and they are considered as an integral part of a healthy and well balanced diet by food authorities.

With products made from the transformation of whole biological apples from the area of Trentinto Alto Adige, Melchiori offer the opportunity of accessing healthy and sustainable food to all guests of all ages, now and in the future.  Therefore, quality, safety and sustainability  of products lie at the centre of our strategy.  We want to “nourish” nature through an efficient collaboration model with farmers who respect our territory and, thanks to nature, offer the very best food to consumers, to current as well as future generations.

Our policy is based on basic principles for the production of a range of healthy products, responsible communication and education programmes for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it highlights our commitment towards making the quality of our products accessible to a growing number of people.


Responsible communication for education towards consumption

Regardless of current legislations, respected in every aspect, Melchiori has always chosen an ethical and responsible form of communication towards its customers, through the study and development of clear and truthful labels, without any form of manipulation of the messages and without omissions.  Allowing consumers to make their own choices with an informed choice and completion has always been our ethical commitment.

The point of sale of Lucia Maria

For more than 30 years, Lucia Maria Melchiori has been selecting the very best apples and the most genuine ingredients to produce its juices, apple vinegar, cider and artisan beer.

Products of nature, fresh mountain water and attention to production processes: these are just some of the secrets that define and tell the story of the quality of our work.

We want guests visiting Tres, in the heart of Valle di Non, to approach this experience,  welcoming them to the Melchiori point of sale, located in the restaurant close to the production plant.

A corner designed by Lucia Maria herself, in which you can find:

  • our apple cider  with a low alcohol content, made using fresh and whole apples of Trentino
  • apples juices and squashes, some of the most famous products of our history.Without any additives and made 100% from apples of Biological Agriculture of Trentino Alto Adige
  • apple vinegar is made using craftsmanship and the natural acidification process is used for the precious non-filtered beer.


The point of sale is open from Monday to Friday.
We are open from 08:00 to 12:00 or from 14:00 to 17:00.
It will be a pleasure meeting you, showing you our genuine
products and telling you all about the importance of
apples in the traditions of Trento.


Come and visit us.  Feel free to wander around and ask our staff for advice; we will be happy to welcome you in our home and make you feel a part of our large family