Certainty that the resources of the planet cannot be used, exploited or wasted for much longer lies at the basis of the idea of sustainability for environmental science.

In the Melchiori company, the concept of sustainable development can be found in everyday operability, from the sourcing of apples to execution of the entire production process. Management of company processes concentrates on maximisation of the vital principles of “re-use, re-cycling” in all production phases, from arrival of the raw material to final despatch of the finished product.

The same principles are then transferred and measured using important environmental metrics related to use of water resources, energy, auxiliary chemical products and emissions in the atmosphere.

Up until now the Melchiori company has successfully carried out these initiatives in favour of environmental sustainability:

  • a production plant inserted and integrated in the residential context of a town of 700 inhabitants, for the economic and social development of the entire community,
  • disposal of the apple pulp (pressed apple waste) destined for bio-digesters that produce biogas
  • preparation of a photovoltaic system that can produce 400,000kW per year of electricity
  • an energy recovery policy in the company; we re-use the heat generated by various plants to heat our offices and restaurant
  • the policy of using glass packaging only, limiting as much as possible the use of non recyclable packaging

The choice of glass as a container is definitely much more expensive for the company but Melchiori has always supported this idea to guarantee the healthiness of the product.

Containers also play a very important role in food safety.

Glass represents excellence: chemically inert, hygienic, totally recyclable, it is an important element of safety for the health of our customers.  Furthermore, it maintains the nutritional substances of our drinks.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, it is important to develop a sustainable diet.

This means consuming food that is nutritionally healthy, with a reduced impact in terms of use of the land and water resources, with low emission levels of carbon and nitrogen, observant of biodiversity.  The use of local and traditional foods that are accessible to all is also very important.

Our products are made using whole apples from Trentino, without additives, without preservatives, without colorants, without added sugar and most of all without the use of concentrate, whose production in many cases is generated by production processes that are not transparent and cannot be controlled.