Lucia Maria’s shop

For over 30 years, Lucia Maria Melchiori has been selecting the best apples and the most genuine ingredients to produce her juices, apple cider vinegars, cider and artisanal beer.

Natural products, fresh mountain water and attention to production processes are the main features of our work.

We welcome all our guests in Tres, in the Non Valley, to the Melchiori shop, located inside the restaurant and the production plant.

A place created by Lucia Maria herself, where you can find all our products:

  • our apple cider with low alcohol content, made only with fresh whole apples from Trentino,
  • apple juices and juices, free of any additives and made 100% from apples from organic farming in Trentino Alto Adige,
  • apple cider vinegar, artisanally made by natural acetification,
  • our artisanal beers, including the new Predaia beer.


Opening times

The shop is open from Monday to Friday.

From 08:00 to 12:00 14:00 to 17:00.

Come and visit us. Feel free to look around and ask our staff for advice. We will be happy to welcome you to our home and make you feel part of our big family.