Cider is a slightly alcoholic drink containing apples, created from fermentation in an autoclave of the glucose contained in the fruit itself.

It is the result of a mixture of various varieties of apples that contribute to its richness, fresh flavour and duration of the product. The applies that we use are the ones from Trentino Alto Adige, selected in an artisan manner for cider, cakes and acidulous products:

Those for desserts provide aroma and sweetness, those for cider provide a unique aroma that characterises the final product.

The squeezing and fermentation processes are the factors that determine the quality of the cider and as we only choose whole apples from Trento, carefully selected and processed in a modern way, we can be sure to offer cider with a truly unique  flavour.

In Melchiori we do not use any kind of concentrate and we do not add CO2.  The regulated fermentation of apple squeezing in an autoclave is carried out through an artisan process.  This attention results in the creation of a drink with a surprising flavour, especially for us Italians, even though cider is very common throughout the world, especially in the Celtic countries of Northern Europe.

We are so sure of the quality of our Cider that we have decided to offer a free tasting to all customers of the Melchiori restaurant.

It is a product with a moderate alcohol level and this makes it suitable as an aperitif and to drink with a meal.  Its special bouquet recalls the aromas and flavours of genuineness, nature and the simplicity of the past.


What makes our cider truly unique

Apple Cider is a drink that has been forgotten in Italy.  In 2008 we, from Melchiori, decided to give back to this fantastic artisan product notoriety, making it much more modern and suitable to the demanding palates of the Italians.

How? Simply by using high quality raw materials and submitting the cider to the sparkling process in autoclave.  The use of extremely high quality apple juice provides a unique flavour and a high quality; the sparkling process makes the product naturally fizzy (no CO2 is added) and pleasant for the palate; the artisan report does the rest.

Apart from Apple Cider, over the years we have studied other unique and special recipes, so as to satisfy the tastes of all and surprise those who are constantly looking for new flavours.  Cider is a drink that, according to its variations, can be perfect for an aperitif, meals and accompanied with desserts.  Over time we have added Apple Cider, Elder flowers and Mint, Apple Cider and Bilberry as well as Apple Cider and Ginger to our Apple Cider.