Craft Beers

Craft Beers

Innovation, passion and tradition!

Our beers are produced with passion and selected ingredients: 100% barley malt, pure mountain water, yeast and Trentino hops!

Our artisanal and unfiltered beers range from the most classic to the most particular tastes. To the latter we add natural aromas and perfumes to enhance the flavour of the hops, in its herbaceous and bitter nuances.


The New Predaia Beer

Our laboratory is always looking for new and innovative flavours, so we have created a raw, microfiltered and unpasteurized beer.

From the combination of selected ingredients, a lot of care and constant control, we have created a medium-bodied beer, therefore suitable for any occasion. The aromatic taste of this beer perfectly reflects the Trentino area.

To enhance its authenticity and naturalness, we have named this beer after the place it comes from. Predaia, in fact, is an area of Trentino, where our laboratory is based and where we have been producing the Melchiori Beer since 2013.


What about apples?

We decided to add apples also to our artisanal production of beer!
So we have created our Pombier radler drink: a balanced mix of our beer and our apple juice. The result is a very fresh, thirst-quenching and unique drink.