Apple vinegar is historically known as one of the first products of the company Lucia Maria Melchiori.  Production began in 1994 from an idea by Alberto and Lucia.

They owned a small food shop in Cles, Trento, and realised that apple vinegar started to become an ever increasingly requested product, partially due to its pleasant and delicate taste and partially due to its healthy properties.  When they read the bottles on sale, however, Alberto and Lucia realised that all apple vinegar was imported from abroad and often contained concentrate or waste. As they were in the Val di Non, the valley of the apples (and of apple juice), they therefore decided to produce vinegar made from high quality apples: the apples of Trentino Alto Adige.

From whole local, Bio and Conventional applies

The main characteristic of the apple vinegar produced by Melchiori was the fact that its sole ingredient was apple.  A mixed balance of sweet and acid apples that define the delicate and fruity aroma.  We only use whole apples from Trentino Alto Adige, the ones normally rejected because they are too big, too small, ruined or aesthetically not as beautiful as the one destined for our tables.  The organoleptic qualities of the raw materials is always excellent for every type of Melchior vinegar.

“An apple a day …..”  Apples are full of mineral salts such as calcium, phosphor, magnesium and potassium as well as low mineral contents such as iron and copper, vitamins A and C, proteins and sugar, substances that play a vital role in the wellness of individuals and that can also be found in apple vinegar.

Known and used ever since the ancient times of the Egyptians and Babylonians, the important Greek doctor Hippocrates recommended the use of honey for coughs and colds and also as a tonic and digestive.  The fear of sailors of the past, scurvy, was tackled through the consumption of apple acid.  Christopher Columbus himself had it transported into the bilges of his caravels. Also very much appreciated due to its high bactericide action, it was used to purify water.

There are still many benefits that are attributed to the assumption of apple vinegar, with a nutritional value to aesthetic.  A precious product whose positive effects are due to the presence of a bacteria that protects and purifies the organism, also capable of helping digestion.

Craftsmanship? Definitely

From the squeezing of apples destined for the production of vinegar, a juice is created that is subsequently put in the acetifiers, in which the fermentation process is carried out.  In approximately 5 weeks, the sugar of the apple transforms initially into alcohol and then into acetic acid, resulting in the creation of apple vinegar with 5% acidity.  The lower level of acidity (wine vinegar has approximately 6% acid) makes this product much more delicate and pleasant.


Non Pasteurised Vinegar

The Melchiori Apple Vinegar is not pasteurised so that it can maintain all of its organoleptic characteristics and its properties.  This is because it maintains the mother of vinegar, the murky solution at the bottom of the bottle, consisting of acetic bacteria that remains after the fermentation process.  The gel like filaments of the apple vinegar are nothing more than guarantee of the fact that the product is completely natural.  Therefore the very best apple vinegar created from peel, pulp and core, non filtered and non pasteurised, even better if biological.


Apple Balsamic

Apple Balsamic is a dressing produced in a limited quantity in full observance of the family recipe and therefore combining Apple Vinegar aged in oak casks and Apple Juice cooked slowly.

The quantity of cooked Apple Juice added to the balsamic defines the density, sweetness and prestige of the vinegar, as it is combined with the aged Vinegar in durmast casks for a longer period of time.   We produce an average or other density of balsamic vinegar as well as balsamic cream, the result of cooking at low temperatures, for almost two months, from the mix of Apple Vinegar and cooked Apple Juice.

Apple Vinegar, created from whole local apples, is aged in barrels for 6 months to 5 years, a choice made to define the aroma of the vinegar.  It is accompanied perfectly with several dishes such as risottos and white or red meats.  Very pleasant with fruit and ice cream.

Our Apple Balsamic is made using an artisan method and most of the packaging process is carried out manually.  Furthermore, these vinegars are not pasteurised and therefore all of the organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged.