Apple cider vinegar

In 1994 Lucia and Alberto decided to produce apple cider vinegar.

In fact, in their small grocery store in Tres, they had noticed that the demand for apple vinegar was increasing. As It was imported from abroad, they decided to start a business to produce a vinegar made with apples from Trentino Alto Adige.


Only local whole apples

We use only one ingredient: apples from Trentino Alto Adige. We choose those either too big or too small, lightly damaged or not perfect to be sold.

We squeeze the whole and fresh apples, to obtain the juice which is fermented and then placed in containers in which the acetic fermentation process takes place. The vinegar obtained is not pasteurized to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics.

We offer our vinegar in different lines:

  • filtered or unfiltered
  • organic or conventional

all entirely natural and of the highest quality.


Balsamic Apple Vinegar

The innovative and original sweet and sour dressing!

Balsamic Apple Vinegar is the combination of our apple vinegar and concentrated apple juice. The quantity of apple juice that is added affects the density and quality of the vinegar.

All the lines of our Balsamic vinegars are produced in an artisanal way and most of the packaging process is done manually. In addition, these vinegars are not pasteurized to preserve their organoleptic properties.

Craftsmanship? Definitely

From the squeezing of apples destined for the production of vinegar, a juice is created that is subsequently put in the acetifiers, in which the fermentation process is carried out.  In approximately 5 weeks, the sugar of the apple transforms initially into alcohol and then into acetic acid, resulting in the creation of apple vinegar with 5% acidity.  The lower level of acidity (wine vinegar has approximately 6% acid) makes this product much more delicate and pleasant.


Non Pasteurised Vinegar

The Melchiori Apple Vinegar is not pasteurised so that it can maintain all of its organoleptic characteristics and its properties.  This is because it maintains the mother of vinegar, the murky solution at the bottom of the bottle, consisting of acetic bacteria that remains after the fermentation process.  The gel like filaments of the apple vinegar are nothing more than guarantee of the fact that the product is completely natural.  Therefore the very best apple vinegar created from peel, pulp and core, non filtered and non pasteurised, even better if biological.


Apple Balsamic

Apple Balsamic is a dressing produced in a limited quantity in full observance of the family recipe and therefore combining Apple Vinegar aged in oak casks and Apple Juice cooked slowly.

The quantity of cooked Apple Juice added to the balsamic defines the density, sweetness and prestige of the vinegar, as it is combined with the aged Vinegar in durmast casks for a longer period of time.   We produce an average or other density of balsamic vinegar as well as balsamic cream, the result of cooking at low temperatures, for almost two months, from the mix of Apple Vinegar and cooked Apple Juice.

Apple Vinegar, created from whole local apples, is aged in barrels for 6 months to 5 years, a choice made to define the aroma of the vinegar.  It is accompanied perfectly with several dishes such as risottos and white or red meats.  Very pleasant with fruit and ice cream.

Our Apple Balsamic is made using an artisan method and most of the packaging process is carried out manually.  Furthermore, these vinegars are not pasteurised and therefore all of the organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged.