In Italy, we from Melchiori, were the first to deal with the transformation of apples into a product of total quality: apple juice.  Very few people were familiar with and consumed this wonderful product rich with healthy properties.  The culinary culture of people has changed over time and the desire for genuine food products has increased, opening the world to biological: an ecosystem consisting of people that are aware of their health and the planet and the consumption of natural foods.  This development has resulted in the Melchiori apple juice from becoming one of the most appreciated in Italy.


From local cold-squeezed whole apples

(Bio and Conventional):

Apple juice preserves all of the benefits offered by apples and provides a strong concentrate of vitamins and mineral salts.  Rich with “phytonutrients” whose antioxidants effects are often associated with the reduction of risks connected with many chronic disorders and age.  We call our juice “Apple Squash”, it is a product that we make using extremely high quality raw materials, with a mix of sweet and acidic apples from the area in which we extract and bottle the juice only.  The result of this cold squeezing process is a fruit juice without added sugar, with a balanced and pleasant flavour, the intense taste of a product just as if it was made at home.

In every production process, we always use extremely high quality raw materials: only whole apples, no production waste, no concentrated juice.  This is why our juice has the same aroma and the same flavour as freshly picked apples.

The Lucia Maria Apple Squash is pulpy because it is not filtered.  This allows us to create a product rich in vitamins and mineral salts, maintaining the fibres and organoleptic properties of applies, as well as the pleasant sensation of drinking a genuine product.

This drink is perfect for breakfast and snacks.  Loved by children and adults thanks to its pleasant sweet flavour.