Melchiori: ethical and sustainable development

A fundamental value for our company is total sustainability.
Business process management focuses on maximizing the principles of reuse and recycling.
We always monitor the use of water, air and energy and try to minimize consumption as much as possible.

Our actions

  • we recycle the waste from apple processing in the production of biogas,
  • we have a photovoltaic system capable of producing 400,000 kW of electricity per year,
  • we reuse the heat generated by the production plants to heat our offices and our restaurant,
  • we limit the use of non-recyclable packaging as much as possible.


Packaging 100% recyclable

We only use glass packaging, limiting the use of non-recyclable packaging as much as possible.

Glass is an excellence in terms of food safety: it is chemically inert, hygienic and totally recyclable.
It is an important element for the safety of our customers’ health. In addition, it preserves the nutrients of all our drinks.


Transparency and sustainability

Our products are made only with whole apples from Trentino:

  • without additives
  • without preservatives
  • without dyes
  • without added sugars

and above all without the use of concentrate, whose production in many cases follows unclear and unverifiable production processes.