Research and development

In our laboratory we are always looking for new and innovative products for the well-being of the consumer and the safeguard of our territory.

Our goal is to ensure excellent quality products for our consumers.
Moreover, we are committed to reducing waste and the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.


A small and concrete instance of our work?


In 2017, with some collaborators, from the Val di Non apple blossoms we obtained a specific yeast for our cider that we called LUCIA PAOLA.

We combined our beer and apple juice to create a new drink: the Pombier apple radler.


Innovation at Melchiori never stops!


Our Apple Cider is the protagonist of innovation and continuous research:

  • We have combined different fruits and aromas with the apple, to give life to new flavours;
  • we have adopted a fermentation method in an autoclave that makes cider slightly alcoholic and naturally sparkling, without adding carbon dioxide;
  • we are working at a production method to obtain cider completely without sulphites;
  • we are developing the Melchiori Classic Method for the bottle fermentation of our Cider.