The Company Melchiori is always convinced that quality is an essential value to guarantee stable and sustainable development.  For this reason it has developed an integrated management system for production and it has certified the company according to international standards.  We want to guarantee that the brand products are acquired according to well defined quality standards and in compliance with minimum requirements.

BRC-GSFS (Global Standard for Food Safety)
Version 6 and IFS (International Food Standard) version 6.

What do they represent?

Born in 1998, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety  is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It guarantees the production of  food companies involved in the transformation and preparation according to well defined quality standards and in observance of minimum requirements.  It controls compliance with a production method based on the quality of products and their level of hygiene-sanitary safety, with reference to the HACCP method:

Control of standards for work environments, updating of norms, management of tenders and contracts to guarantee full compliance of customer requirements.

Furthermore, the operative methods of the company are controlled, such as:

  • Manipulation of allergens,
  • The sanitisation phases of equipment or label changes,
  • Hygiene standards and behaviour of personnel,
  • Accumulation, collection and elimination of waste material that may have an impact on quality, legality and safety of the products supplied.

The objective of the IFS (International Food Standard) standard is to favour the efficient selection of food suppliers bearing the GDO brand, on the basis of their ability to offer safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

It represents a model recognised in Europe and throughout the world.

It is one of the standards related to food safety and recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international initiative, whose main objective is to strengthen and promote food safety along the entire supply chain.

We have aligned with these voluntary norms to take care of the standards requested by our main customers of Mass Distribution, to offer our consumers fruit juices, cider and apple vinegar with a certified quality.

Other certificates

We can satisfy the requirement of Kosher certified products for the Hebrew culture and Halal for the Muslim culture. The two terms means “legal” and refer to the methods of preparation of the food, dating back to their religious and social tradition.  Kosher dates back to Hebrew traditions and, unlike the Halal law, specifically defines according to which norms a meal should be consumed.  The nature of food, preparation of the food and the characteristics of the animal (if there is one) are the main norms to be followed.  Halal is an Arabic word that does not only refer to food customs but it includes rules regarding clothing, behaviour and moral conduct.

Certification authority

CSQA Certificazioni srl

The Biological Certificate

The company Melchiori has always been very attentive to the environment and the respect of individuals.  Since 1999 it has the world of biological agriculture with awareness, a production of method that respects human and animal wellness, enhancing ethical farms and defending the environmental and cultural biodiversity of the lands.

A sustainable development model that favours the use of renewable resources, recovery and recycling of the materials used in production and transformation processes, aimed at protecting the environment and the territory and enhancing the quality of the resources of local communities, helping them to face global competition.

Biological food is very important in terms of health and it is produced and processed in respect of the environment.  Biological agriculture does not use chemical substances (fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general) throughout the production cycle, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).


This level of attention provides us with:

  • Attention for protection of the environment,
  • Balance between objectives of an economic nature  and preservation of the ecosystem for every agricultural reality,
  • Greater guarantee for the consumer with regards to the healthiness of the products thanks to constant control of the entire production line.


Our BIO labels and biological certificate

The label is not only confirmation of the brand but it aims to provide clear information to consumers and highlight the real control of products.


As far as we are concerned the labels should be clear and describe in detail each one of our products in order to transmit total transparency of our production, control and certification system.

  1. Brand
  2. Commercial name of the product
  3. Sales name
  4. A health related claim that boasts the properties of the product exclusively containing sugar from fruit.
  5. The company name of the manufacturer and the production and/or packaging plant.
  6. A table of the average nutritional values for every 100ml of product
  7. The symbol of ecology informing the consumer that he should not throw the packaging in the environment (optional).
  8. Nominal quantity
  9. A list of the ingredients in a decreasing order of weight.  The biological ingredients are marked with an asterisk.
  10. The minimum storage period or product batch to guarantee product traceability.
  11. Useful information for correct storage and indications on the method of production and on the product.
  12. A community biological logo for immediate identification of certified biological products.
  13. Logo of the certification authority (optional)
  14. Identification code issued by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forest Policies (Mi.P.A.A.F.) the certification authority to identify the same authority and the manufacturer/ transformer of the agricultural raw materials (obligatory)
  15. Barcode

*bold text refers to the words of the biological method

The European biological logo and that of the other Member countries have been used to integrate the label and increase visibility of biological foods for consumers.

Application of the biological logo of the European Union is obligatory since 1st July 2010 for pre-packed food products.  When the community logo appears, the origin of the raw materials used in production is indicated. This indication may bare the word “EU”, “non EU” or the name of a specific country in Europe or outside of Europe where the product or the raw materials have been cultivated.

Certificate fda 2018 - Food & Drugs

Since 2014 our company has decided to carry out and renew registration with the Food & Drugs Administration of the United States on an annual basis.

The Registrar Corp, the certification authority, assists companies and helps them to adapt to the American norm as well as the norms of the Food and Drug Administration.

The certificate of registration issued by Registrar Corp is confirmation of the fact that the company fulfils the obligations of registration of the FDA norm as indicated by the United States of America.

The decision to certify the company according to international standards is due to the desire to guarantee, to our Italian customers and to foreign markets, a high quality standard.

Once again this year renewal of this important Certificate has been carried out.  Apart from certifying satisfaction of the HACCP principles, observance of current norms, management of personnel, work environments and control of the processes and of the products, the FDA provides safe trading, therefore it allows for work to be carried out in a safe market.

Our company has decided to align with the indications of the FDA norm in order to satisfy the requirements of our American customers, but also to offer all consumers with food safety of certified quality products.

Certification authority: Registrar Corp.