The importance of eco-sustainability


The certainty that the resources of the planet cannot be used, exploited or wasted for any longer lies at the basis of the idea of sustainability for environmental science.
In Melchiori, the concept of sustainable development can be found in all everyday functions, from sourcing of the apples.

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Lucia Maria Melchiori


Melchiori has always expressed its belonging to its origins and its food traditions through the naturalness of craftsmanship and research into raw materials.

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Unique flavours of our land


Sidreria Melchiori is an experience to be enjoyed to the full. Our restaurant and pizzeria is a culinary expression of our company and it is the obligatory passage for those who come to visit Val di Non, the Trentino valley is famous for its fragrant and tasty apples used for many cakes and recipes of various kinds, but also for its exquisite honey, cured pork meats and cheeses.

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